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Context. Diana Vishneva Festival special programme in the Bottle House courtyard

8 PM – 10 PM 2500 rub. The Bottle House

August 22, 9 PM


On 22 August, a unique Context. Diana Vishneva festival programme, created specifically for New Holland Island, will be held on the Bottle House courtyard’s round stage. The programme will include productions and premiers by Konsantin Keikhel, Olga Vasilieva and Anastasia Kadruleva, Olga Timoshenko, Alexey Kononov, Ernest Nurgali (participant of the last year’s Mind and Movement project), Olga Labovkina, Anna Shchekleynaya, Dor Mamalia and Dariush Novak in collaboration with Vladimir Varnava.

The evening will culminate with a solo performance by Diana Vishneva from the ballet Switch, a show created by the celebrated French choreographer and director of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Jean-Christophe Maillot, and based on music by the famous American composer and Oscar laureate Danny Elfman, whose work features in all of Tim Burton’s movies and animated films, as well as in The Simpsons, the Mission Impossible and Men in Black franchises, Wanted, and much more besides.

The program starts at 21:00. Tickets cost 2500 rubles, and are on sale at the New Holland Infocenter or online (service fee applies). Places are limited.



Choreographer: Ernest Nurgali (St. Petersburg)

Duration 8 minutes

Music: Biosphere

Performers: Nurgali Dance Company — Ildar Sokolov, Zarina Gallyamova, Evgeny Ganeev

The Whisper of the Waves

Choreographer: Olga Vasilyeva (St. Petersburg), Anastasia Kadruleva (Moscow).

Duration 11 minutes

Music: Dmitry Anikin — Resequence

Performers: Olga Vasilyeva, Anastasia Kadruleva.

Ave Ever

Choreographer: Anna Shchekleina (Ekaterinburg)

Duration 10 minutes

Music: Giulio Caccini — Ave Maria performed by Irina Bogacheva

Performers: Evgenia Turushkina, Alexander Frolov

Body and Soul

Choreographer: Alexey Kononov (St. Petersburg)

Duration 6 minutes

Music: Alfred Schnittke — Piano Quintet In Tempo di Valse (1976), op.108

Performers: Anastasia Lukina, Konstantin Zverev (Mariinsky Theater)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Choreographer: Olga Labovkina (Minsk)

Duration 17 minutes

Music: Sergey Novitsky. Compilation — Olga Labovkina

Performers: Oleg Melnikov, Nikita Lenin, Vitaly Kuznetsov, Diana Kupreishvili, Maria Tsvetkova, Marina Baranova.

The artwork was created specifically for the Context. Diana Vishneva festival in collaboration with the Doroga Iz Goroda dance theater (Kazan).

The work uses excerpts from the performance ‘Dangerous Corner’, based on the play by J. Priestley, staged at the Leningrad Academic Comedy Theater.  Recorded 1956


Choreographer: Konstantin Keyhel (St. Petersburg)

Duration 6 minutes

Music: Lisa Moore — My lips speaking

Performers: Konstantin Keyhel, Andrey Ostapenko

Along the other

Choreographer: Olga Timoshenko (Moscow)

Duration 6 minutes

Music: Mogwai — Coolverine

Performers: Olga Timoshenko, Alexey Narutto

Wood Rabbit

Concept and choreography: Dor Mamalia (Israel) and Dariusz Nowak (Poland)

Co-creator: Vladimir Varnava (Russia)

Rehearsal director: Niv Marinberg 

Duration 12 minutes

Music: Sergey Rachmaninov, Fantasy Pieces for Piano, op. 3: no. 1, Elegy performed by Konstantin Shcherbakov, Janis Joplin — Little Girl Blue

Performers: Vladimir Varnava, Dor Mamalia (Israel), Dariusz Nowak (Poland).

The production team wishes to thank NOD (Torino) and Silvana Ranadu.

Fragment from the Switch

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Mayo (Monaco)

Duration 6 minutes

Music: Danny Elfman

Scenographer: Alan Lagarde

Costume Designers: Jean-Christophe Mayo, Jean-Michel Len

Lighting Designer: Samuel Teri

Performed by Diana Vishneva

World Premiere: November 6, 2013, Segerstrom Arts Center, California

Premiere in Russia: March 27, 2014, The Bolshoi Theater New Stage, Moscow

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