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Antoha MC on the Main Stage

8 PM – 10 PM Stage

August 10, 8 PM

Antoha MC, the smiling lad from the Moscow neighbourhood, is perhaps the most remarkable and original thing to appear on the Russian music scene in the last few years. An artist who absolutely has to be seen live, he writes all his own music, accompanies himself on the trumpet, and his lyrics are all in Russian. A lyricism shot through with the romance of the street, groove, honesty and individuality — all of the above is right here in his tracks. It is essentially very Russian music, and most importantly of all, for all his unorthodoxy and eccentricity, Antoha remains a nice guy. “Be kind” is one of his creative principles.

“Anton sings simple, naïve, and very peculiar — in the best sense of that word — lyrics. Brotherhood, strength, work, order, family, homeland — these themes, if not the most frequent, are certainly characteristic of his work. Like some alien superhero from a comic, Misfit Man, he looks at life with total clarity, trying to figure out how to do the right thing, and declares: ‘I am human. We can do anything we want. What do I leave behind? Purity.’” (Afisha magazine).

Free admission.

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