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Honne in the Bottle House courtyard

8 PM – 10 PM 1500 rub The Bottle House

August 9, 9 PM

The third concert in the Garage museum’s Mosaic Music programme will be performed by the duet Honne. The term honne, which emerged in Japan after World War II, means true thoughts and intentions — those innermost feelings which we tend to conceal. The duet, however, hail from London and, in defiance of the Japanese conception, have made their name through the extreme sensuality-laid-bare of their songs, described by The Telegraph as “futuristic soul destined to reinvent baby-making music”. James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck themselves confirm that they write songs for unhurried journeys through the night in a car with the windows down. It should come as no surprise that all the songs from their two studio albums are about love and parting.

Mosaic Music is part of Garage Live—a special program of events that reflect on the Museum’s building and its architecture. The program features concerts, artist interventions, performances, and lectures.

Tickets are priced from 1500 roubles, and are on sale at the New Holland Infocenter.

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