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Race to Space on the Main Stage

8 PM – 10 PM Stage

July 13, 8 PM – 10 PM

Race to Space is widely regarded as one of Moscow's best English-language indie groups, with all the regalia that goes with such a status: singles on vinyl with remixes by international producers, two albums recorded in Berlin's famous Trixx studio, bookings at the Afisha Picnic, Maxidrom and Usadba Jazz festivals, and joint perfomances with The XX, Trickie, UNKLE and Lamb.

In Race to Space, a quintet fascinated equally by space and electronica, vocal duties are performed by actress Miriam Sekhon, alongside film-composer Vadim Maevskiy, guitarist Pavel Dodonov (ex-Delfin), bassist Alexandr Malyshev and drummer Sergey Govorun (Moi rakety vverkh, EIMIC).

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