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Sevdaliza Live on the Bottle House Stage

8 PM – 10 PM The Bottle House

August 21, 8 PM

Born Sevda Alizadeh in Tehran, Sevdaliza has lived in the Netherlands since she was five and has even played for the national basketball team. However, her vibrant experimental electronic art pop is rooted in Iranian culture. Closed to Europeans since the Islamic Revolution, the culture of Iran supplies themes and stories that feed Sevdaliza’s creative output.

Her musical career began in 2014, and after she released her debut album on her own label in 2017, Sevdaliza become a favourite of the leading music journals, being compared to Björk. Approaching her performances and recordings as complete multimedia projects, she creates an image of a cyber Scheherezade—a seductive odalisque who tells true stories of modern life, the role of women in contemporary society, and casual Islamophobia to a hypnotic digital beat.

Mosaic Music is part of Garage Live—a special program of events that reflect on the Museum’s building and its architecture. The program features concerts, artist interventions, performances, and lectures.

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