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Open Library. September Dialogues

4 pm – 7 pm Pavilion

The Open Library project began its existence right here on New Holland – the first Open Library Day festival took place here in 2013. Four years on, the project is returning, this time with Dialogues.

Galina Yuzefovich – Anna Narinskaya. Literature and criticism

Just what is the modern literary process? What is the role of literary criticism today in Russia and the world as a whole? A dialogue on this subject with two of the country’s most influential critics – Galina Yuzefovich (Meduza) and Anna Narinskaya (Kommersant).

Vera Shengeliya – Grigory Sverdlin. Systematic support

The journalist and disabled rights campaigner Vera Shengeliya, and director of the charitable organization Nochlezhka (The Night Shelter) give a talk on the need to systematize charitable aid in Russia.

Ksenia Larina – Irina Petrovskaya. Television and the people

Journalist and commentator for the Ekho Moskvy radio station Ksenia Larina and Novaya Gazeta commentator Irina Petrovskaya will discuss modern Russian television, conclusions to be drawn from the previous season and expectations from the next.

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