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Plant Swap

12 PM – 9 PM Pavilion

Обмен растениями

April 22–30

House plant collection

During this days you can bring an unwanted plant to the Infocenter and it will become a part of a Plant Swap on May 1.

May 1, 12 PM – 9 PM

Our annual Spring festival where you can bring your houseplants and swap them for new ones. For one day only, the island Pavilion is transformed into an orangerie, although you can bring your plants to the New Holland Infocentre throughout the week before the event. A professional plant-expert will be on hand during the day to give advice and answer questions on caring for your indoor plants.

Rules for the Plant Swap:

– Bring plants that you would like to swap.

– Taking a special card from a Pavilion administrator, write the name of the plant along with instructions for its care.

– Place the pot on the shelf.

– Select the plant you would like to take in exchange, letting the administrator know your choice.

Lecture programme:

14:00 Olya Marchenko, Home gardening 101

16:00 Olesya Besperstova (noplasticisfantastic project), Zero waste as a lifestyle

18:00 Stas Yelnitsky, Guerrilla urban landscaping

Lectures are delivered in Russian

Free Admission. 

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