The Bottle House Courtyard is closed December 14–25 for New Year Market preparations
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Luba Leontieva

Landscaping project for Saransk, Russia. Render: Ludi Architects
Reconstruction of Anikushin's Studio,
St Petersburg, Russia
Lubov Leontieva
The activities of the bureau Ludi architects range from architectural design, research into the field of organizing space, and the development of programs for the spaces and buildings of cultural and business complexes. Throughout its existence, the company has developed concepts for the improvement of a number of Russian cities, produced projects for public spaces, and collaborated with the leading museums in Saint Petersburg and other regions.

Ludi architects is regularly invited to create installations and objects for exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 2009, the company was named one of the “Top 15 Most Promising Young Firms in Russia” by the magazine Proekt Rossiya.

For New Holland, the bureau developed the interior design for the buildings and structures. Other clients of Ludi Architects include the State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg, the State Museum of City Sculpture in Saint Petersburg, the Belarusian National Arts Museum, the Moscow Administration, Saransk and Saratov.

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