About project


Project goals

Two key goals for the developers of the New Holland Island project are to restore and renovate the historic architectural ensemble on the island, which dates back to the birth of the city of St. Petersburg itself, as well as to create a unique mixed-use facility that will become a central part of the lives of city residents. 

The main anchors of the island would become a collection of cultural spaces, theaters, exhibition halls, educational centers, and science labs, specializing in the advancement of information technologies. Alongside them would be a vital array of commercial infrastructure, from office space to residences, hotels and more.

New Holland has an ambitious target to become a hub that attracts the world’s brightest minds to visit, stay, and get involved.

New Holland Development

New Holland Development (NHD), an affiliate of Millhouse LLC, was established in 2010 especially for the New Holland island project. On November 15, 2010, NHD won an investment tender held by the city of St Petersburg to restore and redevelop New Holland, committing to invest at least 12 billion rubles over a construction period of 7 years. NHD signed an investment contract with the city administration on December 15, 2010. NHD will act as the sole investor and developer of the project.


Iris Foundation

The Iris Foundation is acting as creative consultant to the New Holland Development Company to program the Island site’s awakening to public use after nearly 300 years of functional isolation. Initiating the New Holland Island competition was the first step in exploring future visions for the site that will inform development over the next seven years and beyond. Founded in 2008 by Daria Zhukova, the Iris Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding and development of contemporary culture. Past Iris Foundation projects include the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, a major non-profit international arts space based in Moscow.