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The Bottle House


The building of the former naval prison was designed by 19th century architect Alexander Schtaubert and featured a distinctive rounded form, like the neck of a bottle. There’s a local legend that this is the origin of the phrase “ne lez’ v butylku” (“keep out of the bottle,” an idiom akin to “don’t fly off the handle.”) Sailors imprisoned here were met with the penitentiary’s progressive correctional system; while serving their time, they trained for new professions and earned a salary, which accumulated until their release. Later this same building would house the administrative facilities for the Naval Ministry.

Now The Bottle has been given new life with the building’s first commercial assignment. Each floor of the building will have a specific designation and function, which the selected projects will uphold with pinpoint accuracy.

The first floor will be dedicated to food and everything associated with it. Small cafes, specialty shops, and stores fr om both emerging and established restaurants in St Petersburg and Moscow will each have their own space here. The second floor will be dedicated to fashion and design. Among the projects slated to move into this floor is an outpost of the Garage Bookstore, an antiques store and a vinyl record shop. The third floor contains services connected to health and beauty, offering ballet classes, yoga studios, a cycling studio, a beauty salon and a spa. The fourth floor will become the office space for New Holland's creative team. Also, an archive of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will be situated here.

All of the tenants and project operators are personally vetted. This applies to both the well-known applicants and those just starting out, who may have schemed up a service just right for New Holland. That is to say, these are not just rental tenants, but part of a team that will continue to work on its development.

The interior design for the spaces in The Bottle is the work of architect Lyubov Leontieva.

The interior courtyard will be used for special events.

The Bottle is slated to open in 2017.

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