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The Foundry


Legend has it that the first structures Peter the Great built on the island were the buildings of the former foundry. Located in the very heart of New Holland, the foundry is the starting point of the island's whole history. It was in this forge that they created the tools necessary for working the wood stored in the warehouses of New Holland, which were built by the architect Savva Chevakinsky. It is this building that has also suffered the most over the years. The restoration of the building’s brick and façades has provided a model for the future renovation of other structures in the complex.

As part of the latest chapter in the history of New Holland, the former forge has now been reinvented as Kuznya House club and restaurant, which will serve as the new heart of the island’s social and cultural activity. In an era of network connectivity and the ability to work fr om anywhere, this kind of place can easily become a “second home” for its regulars. In today’s world, restaurants and clubs have long since shifted their focus from what used to be the core of their primary functions – to feed and to entertain. Kuznya House will be the sort of place where one could spend practically their whole day: conducting meetings, hanging out, working, listening to music, or taking in lectures or film screenings – and, of course, having something delicious to eat and drink.

The Foundry also accomodates Wolkonsky Deli. Here you can have a meal, get everything for a picnic on the big lawn or just gat a takeaway. The concept was created by Wolkonsky specially for New Holland.

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