16/06 Bazaar every weekend

16/06 Bazaar every weekend

Visitors can indulge themselves with fresh food from the Island's gourmet food market every weekend with some of the city's finest restaurants..


The Society of Clean Plates
The Society of Clean Plates is a cafe brought to you by the owners of the Mishka bar, they will be offering burgers, wine and a kitchen that will be running all night long. Having opened only in the Spring of 2012, the Society has quickly become one of the most visited places in the city. At the market in New Holland, the cafe will provide a menu of its greatest hits: the corporate Burger of the Society, passion fruit soup and Miscka cider. The Vegetarian falafel burger will make its début this year.

The Atelier of taste "Compote"
The Atelier of taste "Compote" will offer guests fresh sandwiches, donuts, nuts and candied fruit, homemade lemonade and, of course, fruit compote.

Shurpa is an Uzbek restaurant of the Ginza Project Company. In the bazaar this restaurant will make guests happy with Uzbek pilaf, mantle with pumpkin and lamb, bread, Samosas with lamb, chicken and pumpkin delight, locum and baklava.

Ovsyanka is a café with homemade and healthy food made mostly from local products. In the bazaar Ovsyanka will sell different kinds of homemade cookies, granola, healthy snacks, fresh compotes, fruit-drinks, original recipes of lemonade and organic English tea.

LavkaLavka Farmers cooperative
LavkaLavka will be selling its signature healthy homemade food made from natural farm products, many of their goods will be also available for purchase.

Probka Family
The Restaurant Group Probka founded by Aram Mnatsakanov is a set of 9 restaurants united by a set of common standards: wine bar PROBKA, IL GRAPPOLO restaurant, MACARONI trattoria, restaurants RЫBA and RЫBA BAR, MOZZARELLA trattorias, JEROME restaurant, LAPSHA restaurant with Asian cuisine, countryside restaurant RЫBАNA DACHE. In New Holland Probka will be offering traditional Italian cuisine.

Also visitors can check out the Island's antique flea market...
In addition to vintage couture, shoppers have their pick of new collections from St. Petersburg and Moscow's designer shops.


OFF is a showroom of a selection of second-hand, vintage and handmade clothes. Over the 7 years of its existence it has become a real Mecca for all fans of unusual aspects of history. The basic concept of the store at the New Holland Market will not change, as it will showcase vintage, old school, and retro.

Twin Pins
Twin Pins is the shop to buy antique and vintage jewelry of the 1920s - 1980s, many of which belong to the authorship of famous brands. Mistress Tanya brings the store jewelry from her travels and discovers items at flea markets in Europe and on Internet auctions. Twin Pins tries to offer its customers only the most outstanding lots, it's all 'So damn beautiful!' (which is the appropriate slogan for the store.)

The Old Lavka
The Old Lavka is the store for antique objects from the everyday life of the 19th - mid 20th century. At New Holland's Market will feature Old Lakva's antique porcelain, glass, wood, iron and bronze - interesting old things that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also introduced with a story.