24/07 Discussion Club 'How to show modern art'

24/07 Discussion Club 'How to show modern art'

On Tuesday July 24th, at 19.00 the first meeting from the Discussion Club "How to show modern art" will be held. 
The session will be conducted under the direction of Olesya Turkina - a critic, curator and teacher at Faculty of Free Arts and Sciences (Smolny Institute, St. Petersburg State University.)

Lectures and discussions at the Discussion Club: "How to show modern art" are devoted to the discussion of modern curatorial practices and the understanding of the main approaches within modern art.

Meetings will take place in the Discussion Club once a week from 19.00 till 21.00, from July 24th till August 29th, 2012.

The first meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 24th. Ilya Orlov, a MA student at the Faculty of Free Arts and Sciences at the Saint-Petersburg State University, will present a paper on the subject of "NATURE and CONTEMPORARY ART: NEO-CONCEPTIONAL LANDSCAPE."

Recently a number of theorists have spoken about a return of nature to art pointing to various "signs of a revival within the aesthetics of nature." It is obviously more a question of a return within the field of art philosophy rather than about the emergence of a new trend towards the appeal to nature directly within art in its production and exhibition. Nevertheless, the thesis is worthy of analysis within contemporary artistic life because it allows us to look at the latter from a relatively new, usual perspective. This paper will consider various examples of the aesthetics of nature within various modern art discourses: from classical land art to installations exhibited at recent international art exhibitions. Admission is free!