28/07 Lavkalavka's Large Farmers' Market

28/07 Lavkalavka's Large Farmers' Market

On July 28th from 12:00 - 23:00 LavkaLavka’s Large Farmers’ Market will come to New Holland.

It is less than a week until LavkaLavka brings their Large Farmers’ Market to New Holland Island, so we will give you all the details to wet your appetite with!

12:00 - 18:00 Lavkalavka will hold "The Big farmers' market" on the Island. 

At the market, you will be able to buy natural products directly from the manufacturers - from farmers from the Leningrad and Tverskaya regions. Available to purchase at the stalls will be: milk, cheese, sour cream, cream, cheese, eggs, ripe seasonal vegetables, poultry (chickens, hens, ducks, geese), jams, pickles, honey, cereals, herbal teas, dried mushrooms, berries - and much more!

Confirmed to participate this weekend:
Jay Robert Klouz – originally American, Klouz arrived to Russia in the 90s. For three years he has lived in the countryside just below Solnechnogorsky, there he produces cheeses made from cows, sheep and goats’ milk. Jay will bring around 20 grades of cheese from his own production to the market this weekend.
Anatoly Vorontsov and Sergey Kuznetsov - founders of a farm which cultivates klariyevy catfish. Their farm is located in a reserve on the banks of a trout river, fish are cultivated without the use of any additives or dyes. 

We also look forward to special products from "sacred" lands: a brotherhood from the countryside – the monastic Uspensky farmstead of Optin Pustyn will bring with them several types of cheese; as well as some of the monastery’s home-made syrups, juices and jams. 

Here is more about the farmers and their products!

LavkaLavka’s Large Farmers’ Market is a real gastronomic extravaganza! St Petersburg’s leading expert in Russian cuisine and a good friend of LavkaLavka’s, Maxim Syrnikov will demonstrate and divulge the secrets behind how to prepare the most delicious fish solyanka made from catfish amongst more of the freshest and most natural products. 

The Terrassa restaurant - under Alexander Belkovich’s direction- will cook pilaf with mutton, grilled chicken and suluguni cheese with tomatoes. 

LavkaLavka’s cooks will make you fall in love with their pitas with cheese and hummus and with their turkey, pastry straws, lemonades, and finally their hot dogs made with farmers’ sausages and home-made sauces. 

For more details about the market’s street-food go to: http://spb.lavkalavka.com/blog/masha-kube/eda-na-bolshom-fermerskom-rynke-28-iyulya

Between the Wolkonsky cafe and the farmers’ market - the children's zone will be running from 12:00 till 17:00. All those wishing to can draw, solve rebuses and play under the supervision of a teacher, and between 15:00 and 16:30 Masha Nebesnaya and Eugene Isayeva (Creative Manufactory P.Т.H.) will be carrying out creative master-classes.

For children below 5 years old – ‘Vegetable stamps’
Here the younger children can make stamps out of vegetables, then dip them in paint and create unique ornaments on towels and napkins. 

For children from 5 years old – ‘A vegetable portrait’ 
Before the beginning of this master-class - all participants will be photographed. The children can then create a self-portrait using this image made from vegetables. At the end of the class the participants can take home with them a frame with two photos: ‘Me’ and ‘My vegetable portrait.’ Friends and relatives can compare the similarity between the two portraits. 

All activities in children's zone are free.

Amidst the bustle of the market place - people buying, selling and eating, there will be the soundtrack of a musical program with various DJs, French chanson and jazz from the musical collective Chance-On Manouche. 

The whole event is kindly supported by AmberWeiss. AmberWeiss – 100% wheat unfiltered beer made from their classic European recipe.