Top 20 pictures from the Saturday

Top 20 pictures from the Saturday

Last weekend was extremely sunny and hot!
We snapped some of our favourite guests on the Island. Check them out!

(Picture above) Progress is continuing in the LavkvaLavka Garden and OGO! farmers' community. 

BAZAAR // Favourite products?
Inna. Ovsyanka Clipper tea, the green tea with spices and the tea which is good for sleeping.
Olga and Yliana. Probka Strawberries and the wok with prawns in it (clearly a hit with the customers as well because it has now run out). 
Assya. LavkaLavka Jam made from pine needles and cones, because "it’s healthy and tasty. Little pine needles!"

FOOD// What did you eat and drink ?
Masha and Jenya With "the most delicious falafel burger from the bazaar from the Society of Clean Plates, you can rarely find falafel in the city."
Elvira, Kate and Nastya "We all ordered cider!"
Elvira: I Love The wok! Also I would like to try the smoothies.
Kate: The wok from 'Probka!' I tasted it last weekend, so I ordered it again today.
Anastasia: I love Southern cuisine, so I ordered a kebab and strawberries. 
Menu from LavkaLavka at the Bazaar: pita with farm turkey, pita with hummus and cheese, pastry "khvorost," home made lemonade, farm cow and goat's milk. 


Check our products with the New Holland logo - a seagull - all on sale in the "Shop" container!
Masha and Sasha "Last year we were in New Holland, and now we are here again! We bought an umbrella, because we live in rainy St. Petersburg, how could we live without it?"

Natasha (Below left) "I will be on New Holland often, my boyfriend works here!" She is wearing a sweater knitted by her mum and a dress from Topshop.
Sasha and Dina (above right) "We are from Moscow and have been imagining what New Holland will actually look like in the future, now it is a park, a place for rest, there is a lot of potential! We look forward to seeing what happens!
Dina: Shoes from Opening Ceremony, a dress from a store in Seoul (she bought the dress without trying it on, in a concept store, "I'm the only one who wore it.")
Sasha: T-shirt from F42, shorts from Seoul, shoes from Fred Perry.
Yulia.   "I am visiting St. Petersburg as I live in Moscow, I came to New Holland because lots of my friends are here, some are working here. I am wearing a new skirt, and my boyfriend’s jacket, it’s cold!"