16/08-19/08 The Museum of Everything

16/08-19/08 The Museum of Everything

From August 16th-19th New Holland will become a platform for the mobile edition of the Museum of Everything- the world’s first museum for self-taught and non-professional artists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

The Mission?
The Museum are touring around Russia, beginning their journey in Yekaterinberg and continuing on through Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod before reaching St Petersburg and New Holland! In every city they seek to encounter new talent and curate an exhibition featuring the artists they have discovered there. The Museum's mission is to acquire new works from around Russia from any non-professional artist; that is artists that are self-taught, undiscovered, unprofessed or unintentional, anyone without an art school education! There are no age restrictions. The project is a truly inspired and exciting one that will ultimately achieve - the first truly democratic exhibitions of Russian art. 

The Museum was founded in 2009 and since then it has quickly become one of the leading experts in their field of ‘outsider’ art- drawing attention to the talent of some of society’s formerly most marginalised members. Since its opening over 300,000 people have visited the Museum’s previous exhibitions, including at the Tate Modern, the Agnelli Museum and Selfridges. The Museum actively promotes the artists in their collection, both as exhibitors and in their archive. 

They are looking for: vernacular artists, artists with disabilities, naïve artists, protest artists, elderly artists, homeless artists, folkloric artists, artists in hospitals, visionary artists, artists with their own words, symbols, systems, obsessive artists and much more… …

If any of the above is YOU or someone you know…come along!
The only criterion is that the artist is non-professional and has had no formal art school training.

What works can be accepted by the Museum?
Artists or their representatives can present drawings, paintings, sculptures of any size and from any media or material. Carved images, books, sketches, installations, works on fabric, paper, stone, metal, anything that the artist is imaginative enough to work with! 
However as a general rule  - photographs or video (except if they are shown as part of an installation work that the artist has created) are not accepted.

Most importantly - how can YOU participate in the Museum?
All works should be presented in person by the artist or their representative on the island between August 16th-19th. Works will not be accepted by email. So please come and show your works or others’ to the Museum of Everything in New Holland. 
This is an incredible opportunity for your art to be displayed and recognised!