What have the kids been up to in their master-classes?

What have the kids been up to in their master-classes?

Master-classes: what have the kids been up to so far?
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The first tipis on the New continent!
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Shadow Puppets...
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And here are our igloos!
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Here are our home-made toys- check out the snail in the bottom right corner!
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What's the time amigos? 
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During the second master-class we made real rafts! They can float! 
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Portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo! 
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It's impossible to discover America without a compass!
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Clever recycling- old can's have found a use! 
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Our new friends taught us how to make hour-glasses.
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Then we encountered the great artist Malevich
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We interviewed some of the mothers and children who attended the self-portrait
making master-class to see what they thought! 
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Natasha - Veronika's mother Natasha
 "We have been to the master-classes in the Russian museum but your ones are better!
 My daughter Veronika has been to ALL the master-classes here and she is delighted. 
The cartoon-making one is her favourite."
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 Veronica is 9 years old (She is our master-classes' biggest fan, she's been to every single one!)
 1)When I am older I want to be a bank employee.
 2)My favourite colour is purple.
 3)About my drawing, I can tell you that it's me and it's beautiful! 
 4)I will definitely come back for another class!
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Natasha, Valeria's mother 
"We are here for first time here everything is lovely! We haven't been to places like this before. So we will now be back every summer."

Valeria is 4 years old
 1) I want to be an actress when I older. 
 2) My favourite colour is Pink. 
 3) My portrait is nice I think! 
 4) I will come back for another master-class!

Natalia normally lives in Paris, her daughter Eve participated in the self-portraits master-class too.
 "The Kids master-classes here are a great project for St Petersburg - the project is even a unique place when compared to places in Paris. It has a very clean and simple Scandinavian feel, it's lovely that there aren't lots of metal objects as in amusement parks which just distract children. Here they can concentrate on learning and interacting with each other!"

Eve is 4 years old
 1) I want to be Isabella when I grow up (we're not sure who Isabella is but she's clearly wonderful..!)
 2) My favourite colour is red 
 3) My portrait, well it's Eve! 
 4) I really liked the master-class 
 5) Yes I will be coming back!

Have a look at the Creative Manufacturer's videos children have made in the past with them! http://vimeo.com/user2727650