Koto Bolofo and the Big farmers' market

Koto Bolofo and the Big farmers' market

On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July, Koto Bolofo and Wallpaper* were in New Holland's Art Gallery...
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The celebrated photographer - Koto Bolofo made New Holland’s art gallery into a pop-up studio
as he shot some of St Petersburg’s famous faces for the up and coming edition of 
‘Wallpaper* magazine, the ‘Reigning in Russia’ - November issue. 
Allowing the public to observe him and his subjects whilst he worked turned his
documentary photography into a more dramatic live art performance, his inexhaustible
energy and persistent humor over the two days made for a very interesting incite into how
he works as a photographer. 
Here are some images of him at work in the gallery during the shoot:
Koto with Roxane Chatounovski, Creative Director of IRIS New Holland
Koto with Sergei Forsov and Mikhail Koetz, of 'Man is God Barbers'
Piuarch Architects of Quattro Corti/Mansarda restaurant, Francesco Fresa (right) Andrea Fabbri (left)
cheese 17.png
Koto with the product designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov under one of his designs
Koto with the Architect Sergey Bukin
cheese 20.png
Koto with Gallerist Marina Gisich

On Saturday 28th July we had the ‘Big Farmer’s market’ with fresh local produce, we talked to some visitors to see what they thought:

Veronica [the carnivore] Her favourite meat dish is steak!
She had some of Wolkonsky’s sausage rolls and berry juice.
Do you think it’s easy to get fresh products in the city?
 – Yes, it is pretty easy, there are good restaurants and special shops.
 So you think a farmers' market like this is necessary for the city? 
- Yes, they are necessary, they are very interesting and useful. 
Do you ever grow your own produce? 
- No no there is no time!
Meanwhile OGO! Gardeners' community kitchen garden is coming along beautifully!
 Masha (in charge of the OGO! city gardeners' kitchen garden)
 Do you grow your own plants?
– Yes, in window boxes outside my house.
 Favourite thing to grow?
- Basil and carrots. 
Do you think it’s easy to get fresh products in the city? 
– Yes it is, but it is better to grow your own! The idea of this market is very good. 
Is it easy to get fresh products?
– Not very easy, only in certain shops.
Do you like this farmers' market?
-Yes it’s really nice, it would be even better if there was a bigger range of goods. 
Favourite dish?
– Hummus. 
Do you grow your own plants?
–I don’t at the moment but my parents do! 
Have you bought anything at the market today? 
– Yes, cheese. 

Alexander (DJ-ing at the event- this is his expression after we asked him to name 
ONE top track!)
What music is appropriate to a market such as this? 
- Something expressive, uplifting. A more retro style is the best approach. 
What music do you like listening to in the summer?
– Bird’s singing in the woods.
(Above right) Anatoly (the carnivore)
Favourite meat dish?
- the all encompassing barbecue.
Have you bought anything here? 
- Yes, fresh water-melon and beer. 
Do you like this farmers' market? 
– Yes, very much it’s lovely and lots of interesting and tasty things.

(Above Left) Seva (the vegan), he stopped eating meat a few years ago. 
How is it being a vegan? 
- It’s a bit lonely, not many of my friends are. 
Favourite dish?
 – Mushroom soup - even when I ate meat it was my favourite! 
Favourite vegetarian place in the city? 
– The Troitsky Bridge café.
Have you bought anything today? 
– Tea and watermelon. 

Then Made in China played a rousing set for everyone…(above)