11/08 On-the-Go concert

11/08 On-the-Go concert

On Saturday 11th August at 20:00 the Moscow indie group On-The-Go will perform on the island’s stage.

On-The-Go were formed in 2007 by former members of the rock band Nils’ Travel and ‘BiZed and Zumba’ from the Volga region. They had become disenchanted by their heavy sound and wanted to try something new. Also the leader of the group - Yura Makarychev- wanted to work more closely with his brother Maxim. 

In 2012 the Group finally moved to Moscow and started to work with the Xuman records label, with whom they subsequently released On-The-Go singles' ‘In the Wind’ and ‘The Whaler’ in 2010 and their EP ‘In the Wind remixed’ which included remixes by Korney (Kapus), Simple Symmetry, Lipelis, Stoned boys, Saint Rider and Taras 3000.

In 2011 On-The-Go played in both the clubs Solyanka and Glavklub and live on the 'Dozhd' TV channel, they also, along with Pompeya and Tesla Boy, supported the Hurts in concert. During last summer’s festival season they played at both Picnic Afisha and Ferma Picnic. 

Members of the group: Yura Makarychev – lead vocals, Maxim Makarychev - guitar, vocals, Eugene Merkushev - keyboard, Dima Midborn - bass, Grisha Dobrynin - percussion. 

On-The-Go’s musical style can be described as soft and melodious pop-rock, where sound is characterized by their guitar riffs and Yury Makarychev's vocals. 

Entrance to the concert is free, the event is supported by Grolsch.