Vlad Kulkov's show part of Luba Express Revival

Vlad Kulkov's show part of Luba Express Revival

"Vlad Kulkov creates swirling, intertwining skeins of endless lines, signifying a completely different type of language – that of the tongue-tied shaman or the infantile graffitist, the baby – within the chaotic tangle of lines. In these painterly forms there is something of the organic poetry of the movement of wind, or clouds, water or even lava. They are natural and indisputable, filled with the strength of the self-organizing flow of life, which leaves its traces in the whimsical “Baroque” windings and strokes. 

The exorbitance in the subconscious plan of these meandering forms is revealed in the “surrealist” reverse of Kulkov’s abstraction, the full-on expressionism, in which the artist’s language gravitates towards poetic hieroglyphs, like those mysterious markings on the Veil of Maya, masks or disguises of an immense emptiness. (...In fact Kulkov has spent some time in Mexico, exploring the cultures of the Aztecs and Mayans.) 

The artist chose to title this exhibition “Rebus,” endowing it with the anagrammatic character of a message, that encourages free association in the deciphering of individual symbols. In contrast to the artist’s previous work, these recent canvases contain stricter, more sharply defined forms, whose needle-like rays are borrowed from Mikhail Larionov’s Rayonism." (Critic Gleb Ershov) 

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