02/08 An evening of Indian culture and yoga

02/08 An evening of Indian culture and yoga

At the beginning of August we hosted an evening yoga-master-class by the Indian master Vinay Menon under the light of the full moon - before this  - our evening of Indian culture took place... 
We asked some of our visitors: 
What does yoga and having a healthy lifestyle mean for you? 
What have you tried at the Indian market? 
Sasha has bought a blueberry lassi and pilaf with dried fruits, a few days ago he tried freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice from "Rada and K," but in general he doesn't usually eat any Indian food! 

"I prefer to practice yoga alone, I don’t need a guru, group classes are only useful in terms of the support they provide as well as helping solidify the exercises in the mind. I usually exercise in the morning and before going to bed - 5 Tibetan exercises called "The eye of Renaissance.’ 

By the way about my sunglasses- they are Ray Ban and given to me by a friend in Lisbon, they’re from the 70s - they told me that next year they would be the trend - that was in fact two years ago and I still wear them!
Andrey, Anya and Karina
 “The right way to live healthily is to stand on ones ears for 5 hours and eat healthy food! We normally run an Internet shop with Indian goods and treat all our guests to tea! You should come and visit us!” 
For more details go to: vk.com/indiasale 
 "For me the right way to live is to keep fit with yoga all year round. I just had a tattoo painted on me with washable paint, it’s not henna so it won’t last long! The pattern is Indian but it doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s not for bringing good luck or wealth, it’s just a beautiful drawing."
"My yoga initiation was in Altai, many years ago. It was total immersion with meditation, yoga, the correct food and early rises. I came here to observe how others meditate." 
"My yoga initiation took place about 10 years ago in Goa. Now I practice Iyengar yoga and meditation. I have also tried some yoga on the lawn here. I’m going to come back at midnight for Vinay Menon's master- class." 
Vinay is from Goa
“I travel around the world teaching yoga. I learnt Russian because there were so many Russian people in India doing yoga I thought I should come here! I am here on holiday so not for any professional reasons. I am surprised at how cool it is on the island - it's very unexpected! 
We asked a few people who had just done the afternoon Iyengar yoga class on the lawn to show us their favourite poses. 
"A year ago I started concentrating on having a healthy body and spirit, that is why I’m here today. The master-class on Iyengar-yoga and the sari demonstration today were great. Soon I will be going on a yoga tour to Arkona on the coast of the ocean. My favorite yoga pose is Shavasana."
"Living a healthy lifestyle is firstly about having good feelings everyday, feelings of happiness and harmony. I started practicing yoga about 10 years ago and now I have gaps in between when I do it, but I try and do it about 3 times a week." 
"Morning exercises – that’s how I lead a healthy lifestyle. The first time I did yoga was in Sri Lanka with a teacher from London, it was a very relaxed time. I am looking for a slice of harmony!" 

Dance performances from the Centre of Indian culture:

Dancing master-class from the centre of Indian culture
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A cooking demonstration on the Vedin kitchen
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