03/08 Geek Picnic

03/08 Geek Picnic


The cities' largest festival of Geeks, programmers and those interested in information technologies and robotics took place last Friday (3rd August) in New Holland- the GEEK PICNIC. We had lectures, presentations from IT companies and IT startups, a job fair and much more to entertain everyone! The geeks played on computers, with complex board games, they juggled beautifully, zoomed round on segways, hopped around on pogo-sticks and started up radio-controlled models. There was also a choice selection of geeks' goodies to browse, as well as an opportunity to take part in an anti-virus relay race and perhaps the most entertaining of all the chance to try out.... TechSpeedDating with 'Geeks&Chicks' ....
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Some Geeky drawings

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We interviewed some of the island's visitors about whether they classed themselves as geeks or not, and what they thought of 'geek-world!..'

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GEEK-CHIC- oui oui c’est chic- geek chic…. 
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More chic than geek but a HOME-MADE ‘INTERNET” necklace! Super geek-chic -accessory 
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Alexander - the creator of the marvellous moving robots
Please tell us more about your robot creations, where do your ideas come from? 
- We don't really have any particular ideas behind the works- we just collect things we find may be necessary - generally things like old engines, pipes, bearings.

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The creation of this moving female robot came out of Aurora Fashion Week where we had an exhibition of our works. All our robots are unique, we don't repeat any of them and we make them without any sketches. 
Who usually buys your robots? 
- They are bought mainly by theaters, museums, film studios. Some theaters use them as scenery.
 How long does it take for you to make one robot?
 -On average about two weeks depending on the complexity of the order.
 So in terms of training, what is your profession? 
- I am a welder 
Do you like your work (robot making)? 
– Definitely - it is very enjoyable, very creative work. At first it was a hobby, and then I and an artist friend of mine thought up the idea of starting to create robots together a few years ago and we thought we'd done a good job so we decided to make another one and that's how it all started!
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Maxim - the inventor of a helicopter that can photograph and shoot videos from on high…
Tell us more about your invention...
- It is a radio-controlled helicopter for shooting photos and videos, in particular for shooting from big heights or spots that are hard-to-reach. The helicopter needs two people to operate - one directs the helicopter's movement, the other directs what to shoot.
So is there demand for such equipment?
 - Yes, there certainly is. There is an emerging market for similar technical devices developing in this industry and so that is why we provide a service for high-rise photos and video shooting. 
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Mitya and Boris 
What does being a geek mean to you? 
- A Geek is a person who is interested in different technology – but most importantly he is interested in how they work. You may, for example see a robot or a gadget, it will obviously interest you, but you don't pay it any special attention. In comparison - a Geek will try to understand how it works, he will want to disassemble it and look at how it's made on the inside. And in general we Geeks have our own aesthetic and lifestyle too!
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Geeks’ goodies

Geeks at play…. Segways, robot football…. 
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Roma and Maxim 
Have you ever been to New Holland? 
- No it's our first time, but we have heard a lot about this place- that it was cool so that's why we decided to come here! We are have nothing to do with the IT world. We have a couple of friends who are more involved- though it seems to be a rather closed club of people with this special interest. 
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So are you into IT? 
- Not really, ...someone already approached me today and asked if I wanted to be in IT. I answered that I’m a journalist – and then quickly left! (laughs). 
What do you think of Geek Picnic as a whole?
 - I like it- it's very interesting. Prizes are given out on the stage, people are having fun.
What do you think of IT geeks? 
- I think these people who are dealing with new technologies are the future. Generally, good fellows! 
But all I need here is the sun and the green grass- nothing else is necessary! 
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Yura, Vlad, Jacob - (went for a skate on off-road roller-blades) 
- So do you guys have any relationship with Geek-dom?!
– We are students of technical specialties, but we have no direct relationship with IT. 
What do you think of these off-road rollers ?
- They're not very convenient, but it is interesting to try them out!
What do you think of Geek picnic in general?
- I think it's cool, there are a lot of activities to look at and participate in. You can get easily acquainted with new technologies here. The robots are interesting and the lectures and the Windarium were particularly enjoyable. It is pretty easy to hang out here for a whole day!
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