The Museum of Everything Project Participants

The Museum of Everything Project Participants

On 18th & 19th August, curator of the Museum of Everything, James Brett, sought out undiscovered talent among self-taught artists. We had a chat with some of the project participants about what inspires them, the jobs they do and why they brought their work to the Museum of Everything.  


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What inspires you? Why did you decide to get involved in the project; what was your goal? 

Lidiya Leonteva, day-care worker 
I am a non-professional artist: I work in a day-care. Everything I draw goes on sale exclusively. The material that I use to draw costs a lot; therefore, I can’t allow myself to just give these paintings away. The technique I work by is a unique relief created on a whim –a mixture between sculpture on canvas and landscape. My work is not among the different schools and art movements, it doesn’t fit anywhere. I have a workshop on Nevsky Prospekt, and the American Consul even came by one day! I’d like to draw your attention to the special place the light has in my work. 

Svetlana Vinnikova, student 
I wanted to be a professional artist, but my education was interrupted by illness and I didn’t finish my studies. My school doesn’t deal specifically with painting, but folk crafts. I studied something called “Moscow art” and paint on trays. I came here to show my work to an audience. I hope that they will like them, although fame and glory are not important for me.  

Evgeniy, Natasha and Sasha 

Evgeniy, graphic designer 
Painting is a hobby for me, but I think that gradually my hobby and work will switch places and I will become a professional artist. I read about the project in the newspaper. 

Natasha, doctor 
I draw what I see, I draw what I like. I am inspired by simple things, so there’s no particular idea or subtext. I really like your island: With everything that’s going on here, today is like a big holiday! 

Sasha, accountant 
In childhood, my school friends and I used to get together to draw people. I’ve still got the technique, and mainly paint my friends and self-portraits: Portraits of the inner person. 

Alexander, mover/loader 
I am inspired by simple things, by life itself. I’m really worried about how the meeting with the project curator, James Brett, will go. Perhaps this project will change my life. 

Maria, from Ryazan, student 
I come to St Petersburg every summer, and am very inspired by your city. I love to draw some of the finer details of this city, the ones that make its image so unique. I found out about the project by chance and put together a collage of “little bits” of St Petersburg in summer. My goal is to participate in an unusual, interesting project, and to try something new. 

Alexandra, office worker 
This is a portrait of a friend of mine, drawn from a photograph, I find it impossible to draw from nature. I tend to produce graphics more than, say, perfect resemblance. I am a non-professional artist in that, when I draw, it is art-therapy. Music inspires me. For the project, I’ve brought my best works in colour. I’m interested in getting the opinion of a professional and their advice. I hope that they will take something from my work, except this portrait: that still has to be given [as a present]… 

Ilya, music producer 
I’m inspired by nature, space and silence. I paint animals, critters, on plastic using acrylic: It turns out that I’m an animal painter. My aim in the project: to show people my work and bring them a little bit of joy.

Tanya, PR Specialist 
When I was a child, I visited an art school, but I don’t have a specialist, professional education. I was inspired creatively on a trip to India, after which I decided to start drawing the dark and light sides of our lives. I always draw in monochrome. I have a series of 12 works, each picture reflecting my personal history, my feelings and sensations. As a participant in this project, I want people to realise that creativity is the engine of progress, and that we need to build and create something new. 

Polina, model 
I am inspired by space and nature, every idea comes from nowhere: You never know what you’re drawing. My goal is to show my work to an audience. 

Misha, film writer 
I just decided to come to keep a friend company. I’m a non-professional artist.