All across the island, on 24th August from 18:00 till 22:00, New Holland is holding a FREEMARKET where visitors are able to leave unwanted items and find something they need without money or exchange. 

The first FREEMARKET appeared in the USA in 2004 and was called the Really, Really FREEMARKET. In just a few years, the movement, which opposes consumer society, spread all over the world. “Market Days,” as they’re called, take place in city parks in countries all over the world. Townsfolk bring their unwanted items and food to them, and also make deals on free services with each other (for example, services like foreign language translation, painting lessons, and so on) absolutely free. In this way, members of the movement position themselves against consumer society without violence. 

Happily, New Holland’s free-market is open to all those wishing to attend! Visitors can bring any unwanted art-related stuff to the island (pictures, photographs, needlework) or simply just come and find something they need, like free bike repair, wastepaper hand-in, and also a free master-class on how to make decorative ornaments from recycled materials, which will be held from 18:00 until 21:00. 

Any clothes and books left after the event will be taken by the Spasibo (thank you) charity shop. 

Admission is free-of-charge