23/08 Open Rehearsal

23/08 Open Rehearsal

The next round of Open Rehearsals is due to take place on Market Square on 23rd August at 19:00. Playing for your listening pleasure are Comodo Beat, AlisaFriendlix and “Fon Shtefanits.” 

In their songs, in which they call themselves children of colour, the members of “Fon Shtefanits” skillfully synthesize music from the 60s and contemporary indie sounds. And not surprisingly so because among the band’s musical idols there are legends such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kasabian, The Smiths and Franz Ferdinand. The band’s simple, yet heartfelt lyrics flow from the philosophy of “Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” “Fon Stefanits” appeared as a group in mid-2010, when five young people, having played in different bands before then, got together in Mod club. 

Band members are: Roman Slednev (vocals), Vasiliy Troshin (guitar, vocals), Sergey Vladimirov (guitar, vocals), Alexander Vladimirov (bass guitar, keyboard), and Yan Shtefanets (drums). 

AlisaFriendlix – Stoner rockers exploring the depths of the subconscious. 

Comodo Beat – An instrumental trio that write melodic live music: easy listening, downtempo, jazz hop. Band members are: Tatyana Tretyakova (electric piano), Alexander Kartinin (bass guitar) and Maria Konosova (drums). 

The gig starts at 19:00; admission is free-of-charge.