On Friday 24th August, the island played host to its very own FREEMARKET, where visitors could get rid of their unwanted items and pick up something new and interesting without money or exchange. The aim of the FREEMARKET is to remind the people of St Petersburg about the value of responsible consumption and concern for the environment. 


A master-class on how to make funky jewellery and other decorative items using old clothing and fabric scraps. 


A bike workshop where you can get your bike fixed absolutely free-of-charge. 


A book fair with well-worn magazines, textbooks and fiction. And for all those music lovers out there, a whole range of CDs! 


Right in the heat of the FREEMARKET, we managed to pull some visitors away from the stalls just for a minute to ask them what they had brought with them, and what they had managed to pick up. 

"I came here to send the day on the island with my University friends. We were lucky that the FREEMARKET was here and had not expected it to be so much fun, but we haven’t traded anything yet." 


"A very cool idea! We managed to score some sweaters for autumn. Now we’re going to go on a second rummage." 


"The cat hat didn’t come from the fair. We managed to get so much, I’m almost not sure what’s what. We’re going to look through our stuff now and then we’ll see whether we can get something new for it!” 


"This is an insanely cool harmonica. I’m going to learn to play it right now." 


"I found these feathers in the FREEMARKET, and GEO magazine in Finnish!" 


"I found this gorgeous demin dress in the children's section, and it just happens to fit me!" 


"Check out this big Soviet Encyclopedia, published in 1953 and covering everything from korzinka (basket) to kukunor (Qinghai). All the things that we brought have already been taken. Because it’s so big and heavy, the encyclopedia would also be good for drying leaves.”