30/08 “PechaKucha Night: Summer in the City”

30/08 “PechaKucha Night: Summer in the City”

On Thursday 30th August from 19:00 until 22:00, an intellectual open air festival, “PechaKucha Night: Summer in the City,” will take place on the island. Leaders of socio-cultural projects and participants in community initiatives will share their unusual experiences of summertime urban leisure, organizing and holding festivals and cultural and sporting events in the open air. 

PechaKucha is a small 20 slide presentation with each slide lasting on screen for 20 seconds. In 6 minutes and 40 seconds you can talk about whatever you like: a new project or original idea; you can share experiences on screen, like the secret behind finding a good brand name, a recipe for tea ice-cream, or even good rules for hitch-hiking. There are no limits in the choice of topic. Right now, PechaKucha events are regularly held in 547 cities in the world. St Petersburg is the first city in Russia to have supported events like this that welcome the presentation of projects, and the exchange of experiences and ideas. Anybody who wishes to is able to give their own interesting presentation and share their experiences. 

This event will take place in the Lecture Hall and you can watch a live broadcast of “PechaKucha Night: Summer in the City” at http://mediabuzz.ru/pechakucha-night-leto-v-gorode-30-avgusta/. Admission is free-of-charge! 

This event is brought to you by Communication Agency MediaBuzz.