01/09 "School of Young Captains:" A festival for children and their parents

01/09 "School of Young Captains:" A festival for children and their parents

On 1st September from 14:00 until 18:00, visitors to New Holland will have the opportunity to set sail on a thrilling journey across the ocean of new knowledge. 

The whole island will be turned into a cluster of smaller islands: 

Music Island: Where kids will perform fun instrumental music alongside the Autobus Band. Anybody who wants to can take part in the orchestra, even those who have never even held a musical instrument before. 

Book Cliff: A wealth of literary treasures lie on Book Cliff, including children’s literature and books on child development. Alongside Mikhail Yasnov, young seafarers will compose sea-themed poems, and each participant will receive a blank book, which they’ll illustrate with pictures and write their poem inside. 

Artisan’s Harbor: A creative workshop, where you can take part in the traditional master-classes that take place on weekdays in the New Holland Family Centre with a now nautical theme. 

 · “Taumatrop: Cartoon in your pocket,” where young participants can make pirate-themed optical toys with their own hands. 
 · “Entertaining Architecture:” Participants will make a real-life city on the back of a huge whale. 
 · “Children’s Advertising Agency:” everybody will be able to make their own mark on a magnet for the new school year. 
 · ”From the props to the Actor:” With help from an artist, participants will make costumes fit for any pirate, seasoned Captain or mermaid. 

Foreign Legion: Here, kids will be able to learn the single most important thing for any keen traveler or seafarer: Foreign languages. Teachers from the Language Profi School will teach young sailors the vocabulary of the sea with the help of quizzes, games and drawing. 

Tug O’ War Bay: A playground with fun outdoor games for kids to get stuck into. 

Bay of Plenty: Travelers journeying here will participate in maritime cooking classes from the Wolkonsky café. 

Port Market: A minimarket with designer toys and children’s clothing. Print Studio ART-T Shok will hold a master-class here, where kids will have the opportunity to be fashion designers for a day and make a unique vest using colored thermal material and scissors.