The daily Wolkonsky cafe and bakery

The daily Wolkonsky cafe and bakery

Café--Bakery Wolkonsky 

Every day New Holland’s café-bakery - Wolkonsky is open for visitors!

Wolkonsky on the island is very different from their other cafes. In its incarnation on the island you can not only enjoy pastries or sandwiches and coffee, but there is also a daily menu available for those who want to dine in- including salads, soups, and both hot meat and vegetarian dishes. 
The coffee is prepared by professional baristas.

On the island Wolkonsky has 2 zones the Wolkonsky cafe and also its bakery.
The baker brings freshly baked bread and sweet pastries to the island several times a day. 
Guests can enjoy their food under the comfort of new Holland’s market roof and square or at the tables along the waterfront near the open library project overlooking New Holland’s warehouses - an architectural monument from the second half of the 18th century. 

Examples from the menu: 

Salmon and broccoli Quiche –180 rub.
Sandwich with prosciutto - 220 rub.
Panini with chicken and cheese - 200 rub. 
Couscous with coriander and cheese -150 rub. 
Consommé -150 rub. 
Bruschetta - 250 rub.
Quesadilla - 250 rub.
Chile Con Carne - 250 rub. 
Meat lasagna - 240 rub. 

Cappuccino-100 rub. 
Americano - 80 rub. 
Morse -60 rub. 
Grolsch Lager (bottles)-120 rub. 
Grolsch beer non-alcoholic beer (bottle)-120 rub.
AmberWeiss unfiltered beer, draught-180 rub. 
Various Ciders (bottles)-190 rub 

From the Bakery:
Bread with dill-100 rub 
Bread with sweet basil and sesame seeds-120 rub. 
Croissant -100 rub.
Pastry-snail with raisins-100 rub. 
‘Plie’ with chocolate filling-100 rub. 
Macaroons (6)-270 rub.
Meringue - 50 rub. 

Vegetarian dishes: 
Gazpacho -150 rub. 
Salad with lentils and beans-150 rub. 
Vegetarian Quiche-180 rub. 
Veggie Panini -200 rub. 
Cheesy fries-120 rub. 
Aubergine parmigiana-240 rub. 

Fun facts:
In a classic croissant there are 64 layers. 
A 'Pastry-Snail'- has the most cream of all other cakes.
'Jernovoi' bread weighs more than half a kilo -600g. 
Our chef’s sausage wrapped in pastry has been invented specifically for Wolkonsky on New Holland, it can only be bought on the island! 

Working hours: 
Mon-Thu 11.00-22.00
Fri-Sun from 11.00 till 23.00