Free children's weekend master-classes 8-16th september

Free children's weekend master-classes 8-16th september

Children's master-classes on weekends, 8th-16th September

In September, Masha Nebesnaya and Jenya Isaeva will introduce young participants of their master-classes to another important topic: the various peoples living across the whole of Russia; the kids will learn about their religions, traditions and customs. 

Weekend Master-classes take place from 12.00 until 15.30. 
Participation in these classes is FREE of charge.

Schedule of classes:

Saturday 08/09 The Russian Empire – Gypsies

12:00-13:30 ‘Horse-Fire’ The Gypsies were nomadic people, they couldn’t do anything without their horses. 
Together with the artists the children will make their own faithful steed on a stick, an undemanding companion which is always at hand! 

14:00-15:30 The future's in the Palm of your hand! They say that cards can tell the future and answer any questions. Together with the artists, the children will create a deck of cards which can be used to predict the weather, which desert you will get next, which mark you will get in your exams and much more.

Sunday, 9/09 The Russian Empire during the Mongols

12:00-13:30 Primitive writing-petroglyphs Primitive tribes living on the territory of modern Mongolia, left an incredible amount of characters and images on rocks. Together with the artists the children will travel back in time, where everyone can try out being a rock artist and create their own sculptural relief. 

14:00-15:30 My house is your House, my Yurt is your Yurt! Steppe people live very lightly in mobile homes. Participants will learn about the features of their national housing- the Yurt, and all together they will create a maquette using branches, felt and hay. 

Saturday, 15/09 Russian Empire – The Circassians

12:00-13:30 Music is in our blood The Circassians are famous for their singing and their musical instruments. All the children will make a musical instrument from the materials provided, and then play them in an orchestra altogether. 

14:00-15:30 Mountain people Circassian national costume and is called cherkesskas. Together with the artists the children will make a paper version of a cherkesska and take part in a photo shoot of themselves as mountain people. 

Sunday 16/09 The Russian Empire – the Karelians

12:00 – 13:30 Karelian The Kalevala and Karelian-Finnish epic poetry. Participants will make a film about one of these interesting songs or runes.

14:00-15:30 Wooden ornaments The wooden lattice work on Karelian houses are lightweight, sophisticated and beautiful. Children will learn how to build a house without using a single nail and make some wooden decorations.