The Wolkonsky cafe's menu

The Wolkonsky cafe's menu

Menu Wolkonsky cafe and bakery's main menu:
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In addition to the main menu, there are also some specialities from Wolkonsky's chef. Here are some of them: 
An appetiser of mediterranean bruschetta, toasted- seeded bread - grilled with tomatoes, olives, feta, Basil and pesto sauce. Price – 120 rub.
Chile Con Carne – a hot Mexican dish with minced meat, red beans, chilli peppers, and rice. Price – 250 rub. 
Alabama-grilled chicken wings - wings, marinated in an Alabaman sauce. Price – 250 rub. 
Meat lasagne - a classic Italian dish, with Bolognese Sauce, parmesan cheese in layers of pasta. Price – 250 rub.