Republic on the island- what can you buy?

Republic on the island- what can you buy?

So what can you buy in the Republic shop…? 

Republic has some amazing items on offer! Feast your eyes on just a few:
The original multi-coloured Nutcase helmet Cost- 3490 rub.
For lovers of old-school computer games – heaped with nostalgia for one’s childhood
gaming times- Sega and Dendy consoles are available to buy! With the consoles you
can also buy games including the unforgettable 'Mortal Combat' and 'Sonic the Super Hedgehog.' 
Sega-1920 rub
Dendy-1170 rub
Games-150 rub
With these fun kitchen items you will be able to pour out salt & pepper with the utmost of ease– 
the salt and pepper shakers are in the form of mini trucks on wheels, almost like the real deal! Cost-570 rub
Original notebooks and diaries for drawing and writing, photo albums and books- 
everything you will need for a successful start to the new academic year can be found in Republic.
The cost: 200-1100 rub 
These stickers will not let you forget your most vital tasks…. Cost- 420 rub
Rare books on street art, art and fashion that you’ll only be able to find on the shelves of Republic. 
Escape the heat with a useful portable desktop fan which runs on batteries and with a USB. Cost- 790 rub 
Various IPhone and IPad accessories are in stock. 
Drawing Pad, Cost-1130 rub
Books for Children’s development (suitable for children from 3 years.) Cost- 1870 rub
Tassen coffee cups to suit any mood. Cost-970 rub.
Flying saucers, aka Frisbees. The irreplaceable component of all summer picnics and walks. Cost- 400 rub

Working hours: on weekdays – from 12:00 to 22:00, on weekends from 12:00 to 23:00