Street University lecture

Street University lecture

12/09 Street University: "Repairing urban life in the home or a putting a spoke in the wheels of everyday city life" 

On September 12th, at 19:00 in the Street University (SU) will hold their second meeting in New Holland - "Repairing urban life in the home or a putting a spoke in the wheels of everyday city life." The lecturer - Anton Meyk, artist and urban activist and editor of, will talk about the history about urban intervention projects on, as well giving examples of successful changes in life across various areas via grass-roots initiatives. 

Today, active city dwellers do not tend to view art as a closed system, focused on itself as a discipline. Instead they use the language of art as a tool to change reality: from repairing street furniture to ending the struggle to find new forms within the political system. Unauthorised interventions into the urban environment or media focusing on a new perspective onto an uncompromising vision of the future, become an effective transformation of this tactic. 

'Partizaning' - is not only the name of the project, but also the name of a new phenomenon, born at the intersection between street art and social activities. The participants of this project have made this term problematic especially in Russia, because their actions - unauthorised, private witty statements - could give rise to a key form of social and cultural change. 

Objective of the project: the reflection and promotion of the idea of ​​free speech or action aimed at rethinking and restructuring the urban environment and society in general. 

The meeting will be held in the lecture hall, admission is free.