The Open Library

The Open Library

Open Library Hours: Mon - Sun 13:00 - 18:00

The "Open Library" was launched in March 2012 with the aim of changing the image of city libraries and turning them into the center of social and intellectual life in the city. New Holland has devoted a summer terrace for this project: shelves of books, from classics to contemporary non-fiction and periodicals, there are spaces to sit and relax along the waterfront where you can read the books and chat. 

This "Public Library" offers everyone the chance to take a book to read on any subject for as long as they want without filling in any forms or records. Also anyone can bring a book to the library for other readers to read.

Books for "Open Library" have been given by: "Eksmo" publishing, the company Head Hunter, the Republic store, the Dutch Institute in St. Petersburg, Lenizdat.

Organizers of the project - Denis Gordeev (Creative Angel), Victor Orlov (the TV host of "BOT" channel, and teacher at SPbGUKI), Nicholas Solodnikov (TV host from the channel "100TV" and also a teacher at SPbGUKI), Catherine Ivanovo (dance studio "Canon Dance," a student at SPbGUKI