14/09 Charity auction

14/09 Charity auction

14/09 Charity Auction in support of Andrey Sizintseva 

On the 14th September at 19:00 New Holland will hold a charity auction in support of the actor and sound engineer of the Russian Engineering Theatre “AKHE” Andrey Sizinceva. 

Andrey Sizinceva discovered recently that he has a malignant tumor. At the moment he is in a cancer clinic and needs to raise a large amount of funds to undergo treatment. In his blog (http://akhe.livejournal.com/) the AKHE group have appealed to all concerned to help raise funds for Andrey’s treatment: 

"Over 25 years of underground life, we have not been able to put aside anything against the 'black day' but this black day will come, though we can not mange it by ourselves."

The hosts of the evening – the founders of AKHE - will hold a silent auction, which will showcase works by Petersburg artists: Maxim Isayev, Pavel Semchenko, Kerim Ragimov. All proceeds will go to the treatment of Andrey Sizintseva. 

Auction items: 
"Experience in the absence of the original copy" by Kerim Ragimov 2011, 75x75, oil on canvas
"Find \ go away" by Pavel Semchenko 2000, 110x80, oil on cardboard 
"Do it wind" by Pavel Semchenko 1999, 60x40, oil on canvas
"Artist’s chair" by Pavel Semchenko 2009
"People"by Maxim Isayev 2006, 60x80, oil on canva

Kerim Ragimov 
Born in Leningrad in 1970. He is a graduate of the Roerich Art College. He lives and works in St. Petersburg and contributes to contemporary art exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. In 2000 he took part in the program International Young Art 2000 in Sotheby's auction houses in Tel Aviv, Chicago and Vienna. 

His work was shown at the International Fair of Contemporary Art MiArt2000 in Milan, as well as first the Biennale in Tirana(2001). He is represented by the Marina Gisich Gallery. He also collaborates with the galleries; Museum 52 (London / New York), MudimaDrie (Antwerp) and Primo Marella (Milan). Ragimov’s works are in the New Museum's collection, St. Petersburg. 

"The main (but not singular) strategy Ragimov uses is that of translating photography into the language of paint. Ragimov works with the mass media, consumer culture, but far from praising it – he sees it rather as something which is inevitable, as a challenge that needs to be seized upon- if only to transform this material. What was a void, empty and straightforward becomes complicated, important and mysterious "- critic and art historian Andrei Fomenko. 

Pavel Semchenko and Maxim Isayev 
Pavel Semchenko and Maxim Isayev are the founders of Russian Engineering Theatre "AKHE." The "AKXE" Theatre - are constant participants in theatre festivals around the world and partners to many Russian theatre projects; (Slava Polunin, Wood, Formal Theatre) and international groups; (Lantaaren (Holland), Toihous (Austria), Project Teatr (Germany)). Members of the group paint, create movies, participate in exhibition openings, and most importantly, create sets; courtyards, galleries, staircases and workshops for unique performances, comparable to rituals and initiations.