22/09 The band Trud's concert

22/09 The band Trud's concert

On Saturday the 22nd September at 19:00 the band "Trud" will play on the island.

 "Trud" is a Russian side-project from members of the Moscow band Manicure - Jora Kushnarenko and Ildar Iksanova. 
In just over a year, "Trud" have released two mini-albums as well as performed at the Spanish festival Primavera. Soaked in nostalgia for the songs from Soviet childhood - their music is closer to post-punk, the group themselves ironically characterise their style as Russian rock ('Russki' rock - Russian content in a non-Russian shell). Recently designer Yegor Sargsyan has become the third member of the band- with his guitar.

 "We are not advocating a Soviet style or something like it,  I'm in the mindset that the Soviet communist system was negative,  it was a cannibalistic trend. But at the same time out of it came great works of art. They are close to me,  I grew up on them - they are part of me and,  of course,  have an effect on what I'm doing."- Ildar Iksanov.

http://trudmoscow.tumblr.com/ http://trud.bandcamp.com/
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4_PvO-OKsH8 #! 

The concert is supported by Grolsch. Admission is free.