20/09 The final "open rehearsal" concert.

20/09 The final "open rehearsal" concert.

On September 20th, at 19:00 the final "Open rehearsal" concert will be held on the island, it will bring together all the musicians that have taken part throughout the project. 

At the start of the evening some of the musicians will share their views on the project and talk about their future plans. Later on in the evening, the bands: The Riddlebox, Shilut feat. Gleb Kolyadin and singer Alyona Raudson will all perform on the island. 

The Riddlebox 
A young band who play melodic indie rock with a touch of blues, punk and grunge. The Riddlebox’s music draws influences from the traditions of classic rock, progressively mixing in more modern sounds. The band have recently been working on their debut EP, which will be released soon. 

Shilut feat. Gleb Kolyadin Project 
Shilut (Iskander Vakhitov) is melodic instrumental music with acoustic minimalist sounds, Gleb Kolyadin is a pianist and composer from the Iamthemorning project. Their shared love of experimentation and the ability to inspire each other to be creative musicians has led to this joint project between the pair. 

Alyona Raudson
A St. Petersburg singer and songwriter. She writes beautiful melodies and lyrics about love, loneliness and one’s mood. She collaborates with musicians from different St. Petersburg clubs and also has taken part in the “Maksidroma" pre-party and "Stereoleto" festivals. On September 20th she will be accompanied by musician and composer Shilut (Iskander Vakhitov).

Free admission