28/09 A concert by the composer Karavaychuk

28/09 A concert by the composer Karavaychuk

On September 28th at 20:00 there will be a concert in New Holland by the pianist and composer-improviser Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaychuk. Excerpts from the movie "Oleg Karavaychuk. Encircling minstrels. Leaping over astronomical time" will be shown as well as a performance of the symphonic-poem "Decline of Europe." Performance by: Marat Shemiunov. 
Admission is free. 

20:00 Excerpts from the movie: "Oleg Karavaychuk. Encircling minstrels. Leaping over astronomical time." 

21:00 Symphonic-Poem "The Decline of Europe" The composer's performance of his symphonies, and a broadcast of archives of Karavaychuk improvising instrumental compositions at the time of their creation on the piano in the Imperial Hermitage. Performance by: Marat Shemiunov. 

Oleg Karavaychuk
Oleg Karavaychuk - composer and pianist, the composer for many films and plays. His music is played in the films and during the performances of Sergei Parajanov, Vasily Shukshin, Ilya Averbakh Muratova, Andreya Mogycheva and many other prominent film and theater directors. Karavaychuk also collaborated with members of the avant-garde, in particular, with Sergey Kuryokhin. The main method behind many of the composer's concert performances is that of improvisational composition. 
"I do nothing, the tune appears itself."             
 Oleg Karavaychuk

Marat Shemiunov 
Marat Shemiunov - is the premier danseur of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, Diploma winner at the international competition in Rieti (2003), participant of the S.Lifarya Competition (2006) and Diploma winner of the G. Ulanova Competition in Krasnoyarsk (2008). His has in his repertoire - the leading roles in productions such as "Don Quixote" (Don Quixote), "Sleeping Beauty" (the King), "Romeo and Juliet" (Paris), "Laurencia" (Frondoso), "Duende" (choreographer - Nacho Duato), "Prelude" (choreographer - Nacho Duato), "Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness "(choreographer - Nacho Duato) amongst many others.

 "I was fortunate to meet and discover the music of our contemporary composer Oleg Karavaychuk ... His enigmatic, mysterious personality and unique music has inspired much music and many people of our time. We communicate a lot and talk to his circle of admirers and disciples. He teaches us to listen and to hear. Like another way of watching ballet, not only as dance ... Decline of Europe - of the future. It's not about the continent and the country, but about a man, its culture and its role in the modern world, its fate. " - Marat Shemiunov.