Day 2: Friday 5th of July

Day 2: Friday 5th of July


The second day began with a tour of the island's buildings, the site being in a state of restoration. We were led around the premises era of Peter the Great, and told how the buildings were built, on what foundations, and how they have changed function over time. The guide shown us the place where the radio used to be, where was first proclaimed Soviet power. The place is full of picturesque views, beautiful rhythmic compositions and are a great inspiration to the project.


After the tour a lecture was held by Vladimir Frolov, who talked about the identity of St. Petersburg. After lunch, a lecture was held by Alex Liauchuk and Catherine Visser, to familiarize ourselves with the works related to the reconstruction of the historically important sites.

After the lectures, in the evening, the group worked on the project until late. When we came out of the workshop we were all tired, but in the good sense of the word.