Day 9: Friday 12th of July

Day 9: Friday 12th of July

The last day of summer camp in New Holland began with preparations. Two teams with two completely different proposals were working at their final presentations. There was a nervous but creative atmosphere. All students were aiming for the best result.

In the evening the presentations started with a lecture of Eugene Asse (Евгений Асс) about renovation and studies of MARCH (МАРШ). After that lecture, Vladimir Frolov introduced the two teams of students and the presentations started. Tutors and guests listened carefully and tried to understand all the details of the proposals.

The first proposal was about a serious intervention to the landscape and the basement of the buildings but preserving the buildings as a monument. The first team consisted of: Luis Sacristan from Madrid, Marieke Zegwaart from Gouda, Artem Belyy from Nizhniy Novgorod, Guang Ruey from Malaysia and Alina Chereyskaya from Saint Petersburg.

Presentation second group

The second proposal was about the meeting of urban and rural life in the area inside and outside of New Holland. List of students of the second team: Yuliya Baranovskaya from Novosibirsk, Alyona Galina from Samara, Anne van Hout from Delft, Zelda Meeuwsen from Delft and Rustam Nasriddinov from Moscow.

Celebration drinks

After a short discussion (the sun was already gone and it was too cold to stay) and some concluding words, everybody started to celebrate their success. As Alexey Levchuk said: "The undoubted success of this experience, the ArchiCamp, demonstrates New Holland not only as the main point of new urban entertainment in the city, but also as a highly challenging area for art processing".

Special thanks to all who were interested in New Holland, in the architecture summer camp and its success and to all people who were responsible for the organisation.