Black Stone Family

Black Stone Family

At midnight, between the 27th and the 28th of June, a performance took place on the New Holland Island in order to celebrate the installation of a new art object created especially for the project Summer in New Holland by a group of Moscow artists, ColorJuice (Alexander Pechersky and Alexander Fuchs).

Seven mirror-smoky objects – stones – are scattered chaotically on the green lawn. Each of them contains the system LEDs that changes color according to a set program. The music soundtrack of producer Lapti emanates from hidden loudspeakers placed inside of the stones. The objects emit something between sound and vibration, creating yet another dimension of sensory perception. In daylight, the mirror surface is perfectly smooth and the see-through colors offer a close psychedelic effect, whereas in absolute darkness the stones emit a soft, diffused light.

The installation creates the contemplative atmosphere of a Japanese garden, with the stones interpreted as sharpened coastal elements. The objects contain the visual and acoustic spectrum of a beach in natural transformation. The viewer can not only mentally, but also tactically recreate the elements displayed: thanks to the rhythmic changing sound of the waves’ roll forward, which creates in real the glossy finish of coastal stones. The stones can also change color depending on the daily lighting and weather conditions.

ColorJuice’s works are, above all, objects of environmental design, which, when introduced into a natural environment and interacting with the audience involve it in the enhanced technical facilities of hyperreality.

ColorJuice’s creative workshops tend to develop concepts and solutions for a visual content that works mainly with light design. The creators of the studio - Alexander Pechersky and Alexander Fuchs - collaborate with local manufacturers of LED products, engineers, technologists, artists working with plastic, coating specialists, so that every time they create unique lighting design solutions. Since 2009 ColorJuice worked with projects such as the Faces & Laces, Gorky park, the restaurant Swan Lake, the club Soljanka, the Design Center ARTPLAY, the Institute for Media, Architecture and Design Arrow, the Polytechnic Museum ArchStoyanie, and the club Home. ColorJuice is animated by a desire to decorate the environment, with elegantly packed lights in beautiful shapes and with scenarios that emphasize the harmony of shape and color.