"Botanical Garden" Photoprint

"Botanical Garden" Photoprint

This season, the awning along the Forge building will bear prints based on photographer Niccolò Gandolfi’s Botanical Garden, from the photographic series LA Look, which challenged artists to capture the urban landscape of Los Angeles.

The dense, blooming foliage of the Botanical Garden sends the viewer to a landscape unlike any other on the island, opening a portal to far-away Los Angeles, with its inimitable identity, enticing us on a visual voyage to another land.

A botanical garden is always an attempt to bring together the most exotic varieties of plants, which coexist side-by-side in cities where they would have never taken root otherwise. In this sense, Gandolfi’s work serves as a metaphor for Los Angeles, with its cosmopolitanism and humanity as a whole, the variety of cultural differences fitting together. This idea, lying at the base of Gandolfi’s photograph, resounds in the ambitions New Holland has set for itself to become a point of attraction for intellectual society from all over the world.

The photoprint on the awnings of the Forge building were created together by Niccolò Gandolfini and designer Nastya Grib.

About Niccolò Gandolfi

Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi was born in Washington, DC, in 1983. He lives and works between Paris and Milan, having studied art in Milan and Venice (at the IUAV.) In 2009, he received a Masters, developing his photoproject Aesthetics of Survival, together with the well-known critic Antonello Frongia. Some of his most recent exhibitions include Spazio Morris (Milan, 2012; curated by Guido Molinari), La Triennale (Milan, 2012; curated by Alberto Ferlenga), VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Open atelier (curated by Milovan Farronato), bkSM Cultuurcentrum Strombeek (Belgium, curators Luk Lambrect and Koen Leemans). Gandolfi also works as a photographer for the journal Domus, an international publication on art and architecture.