Exhibition Mireille Loup - "53.77"

Exhibition Mireille Loup - "53.77"

On August 3 the pop-up gallery Pobeda will present an exhibition in New Holland of the French photographer Mireille Loup. The peculiarity of her project resides in the use of an anaglyphic technique. The anaglyphic process allows the viewers to consider each of the works in a three-dimensional space thanks to red-blue anaglyphic glasses. The image moves along with the audience, offering a new visual angle.

The project 53.77 is about a ghostly evolution. A young girl and a 10-year-old boy soar in one space, while not interacting with each other. They keep their distance, as if they were in different times. The absence of furniture or any other spatial features underlines the emptiness of the photographic field. Step by step the viewer picks up some clues: everything points to the supernatural aspect of the scenes: soaked clothing, shadows under the eyes of the children, and the feeling of weightlessness. The name 53.77 is a reference to the different temporary spaces the viewer is witnessing: 1953 and 1977. The absence is shown by the aesthetic process itself, the protagonists being blurred and grey. Only when the spectator is wearing the 3D glasses do they take their places and eventually become incarnate. In the last photographs of the series, the characters are beginning to look at the spectator who is finally stepping through the looking-glass after standing back like some kind of Peeping Tom. He sees and he is being seen at the same time. He is coming to life in their eyes at last, just as much as they came to life in his, when he was observing their virtual reality.

Mireille Loup

Mireille Loup studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie in Arles (France). Her works have been shown in 27 solo exhibitions in various European museums and galleries, and are part of the collections of FNAC (France), of the Metropolitan Museum (United States), of the Museu da Imagem (Portugal), and of the Mario Testino collection (France). Mireille Loup’s oeuvre has already been the object of six monographies and has been featured in more than 90 publications. The 53.77 exhibition has been presented at the international festival of photography Les Recontres d’Arles in 2012, at the Grande Halle, as well as in the gallery Pobeda in Moscow in 2013.

Pobeda Gallery

The gallery Pobeda is one of the first professional photo galleries in Moscow. Since its opening 5 years ago, many exhibitions of Pobeda Gallery became important events for the international artistic life. Among them: the exposition of the fashion photography legend Ellen von Unwerth; The Firm series by Jocelyn Bain Hogg; Stars of the Soviet screen by Nikolai Gnisyuk, Valeria Plotnikova and Igor Gnevashev; the works of the Japanese philosopher Yamamoto Masao; the retrospective exhibition of Alexey Titarenko, covering almost 30 years of work by this internationally acclaimed artist; or a series of portraits of jazz and rock idols by the Baron Volmann, a Woodstock chronicler.

The exhibition will open in New Holland’s art gallery and will run until August 14.

Admission is free.

The exhibition project is supported by Grolsch.

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