Exhibition "On the Block" with The Village

Exhibition "On the Block" with The Village

On July 20 at 19:00 in New Holland opened the first part of the exhibition On the Block - a joint project between the online newspaper The Village and urban photographers. The exhibition, which will run until August 3, presents the works of six young artists, each of which has created a series on one of Saint-Petersburg’s residential areas. The second part of the exhibition will take place on the island from 10 to 24 August.

The exhibition in New Holland is a continuation of The Village project, for which the online newspaper weekly published series of photographs showing the life of the urban periphery. Each series has its own flavor: this is due to the different features and areas, and the individual style of each author. "Initially sleeping areas have been created as an area with minimal infrastructure to sustain life. Many economic and social changes resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union: sleeping areas started to actively evolve and adapt to the demands of the modern citizens. In modern Russian sleeping areas become a space where, on the one hand, active unfolding processes of modernization take place, while on the other hand, one can note social degradation. Thus, the life of the sleeping areas is currently an interesting material for artistic, anthropological, cultural, and philosophical reflection", claims the exhibition's curator, Yegor Rogalev.

The first part of the exhibition will include photographs by Alexander Bondar (Frunzenskiy district), Oleg Savunov (Vasileostrovskiy district), Victor and Irina Yuliev (Kanonersky island), Roberta Correggia (Moscovsky district), Anton Sokolov (Krasnoselskiy district), Tatiana Palyga (Kalininskiy district).

The exhibition will be held in the public gallery.

Admission is free.