Poetry by other medias

Poetry by other medias

In August, New Holland will be the venue of the lecture series of the Almanac [Translit] Poetry by other medias. In the context of a three-part series of interviews with poets, artists, and theoreticians, new medias will be investigated, their interaction with poetry offering it a new form relevant to the contemporary cultural context. The series will be about the way poetry can be intertwined with sound, visual art, theatre, and performative practice.

Admission to all lectures is free.

The series program:

5 August, Poetry and music

18:00-19:00 Discussion with musical and poetic experimenters.

Participants: Kirill Medvedev, Roman Osminkin, and Andrey Sidorkin, poets and instigators of musical projects.

The poet and musicologist Vladimir Gorokhov will give us a lecture on the history and the future of the interaction between poetry and music.

19:00-20:30 Musical sets groups Arkady Kots, Tehnopoesia, Sidorkin & Leibovich.

14 August, Poetry and Visual Media

19:00–20:30 Screening of poetic films and ensuing discussion with two poets and artists. 

Participants: Anna Tolkacheva, poet, video artist, and researcher; Alexandr Gornon, poet and video artist.

The art critic and Situationist researcher Denis Kurenov will speak about the history of the interaction between poetry and visuality.

22 August, Poetry and theatre

19:00–20:30 Presentation of the series kraft_audio disk by Keti Chukhrov, poet, theorist, artist, and author of To be and to perform. The project of theatre in philosophical art criticism, and following discussion.

The poet, critic and translator, Alexander Skidan will then talk about the possible intersections between poetry and theater.

"The contemporary cultural context and the dominant cultural practices placed poetry in an indeterminate position. On the one hand, it is obvious that the conditions of cultural production and communication have changed so critically that it does not make sense anymore to read poetry the way it was done before. On the other hand, the most radical poetic experiments of the last century not only anticipated, but also sought to overtake many of the indicators of the cognitive and perceptual modernity... The most radical gesture that can propose contemporary poetry is to break with traditional material and institutional grounds, to reject the printed page and the salon readings. What if we say that to save poetry as a practice there is a necessity to interact with various genres and generic registers of art, such as the visual, the performative, or the social? If the Museum can afford to simply exhibit antiquities, then the avant-garde art, out of necessity, must be inscribed in the modern practice of perception, if not anticipating the future”. - Pavel Arsenyev, curator of the lecture series and editor of the Almanac [Translit].

About the Almanac [translit]

The Russian literary critical Almanac is published twice a year since 2005 in St. Petersburg. Publishing poems, criticism, theory, and graphics, the Almanac’s editorial board seeks to thematize the various fields of confrontation in modern literary theory and literary process, addressing the broad artistic, academic and activist contexts. In 2010, together with the Free Marxist publishing house, the Almanac published the book series * kraft, and organises since 2009 the open-air Festival of Poetry.