Bazaar in New Holland

Bazaar in New Holland

Every weekend, the best restaurants of St.Petersburg will prepare their specialties at The Bazaar in New Holland. Juicy burgers, proper Italian pizza, oysters and seafood, dishes cooked from local seasonal produce, fresh bakery and ice cream - all this can be found at The Bazaar. Among participants are King Pong, ITALY, Dlinny Khvost, LavkaLavka, Grill&Veggies, café-bakery «Volkonsky», La Maree.  

On the other side of the Market Square you will find a selection of best designer and vintage shops – second-hand shop OFF, vintage jewelry shop Twin Pins, antiques from «Staraya lavka», street fashion shop «Renegade Store», as well as fashion and accessories shop 8-store that offers creations by Russian designers.  

Food market is organised in partnership with AmberWeiss.

Opening times:
SAT-SUN: 12.00 – 18.00