Ballet "Pas de deux" on O.N. Karavaichuk’s music

Ballet "Pas de deux" on O.N. Karavaichuk’s music

Choreography by O.N. Karavaichuk and Vera Arbuzova.

August 24


The ballet Pas de deux will be performed on New Holland’s stage on August 24. It will be accompanied by the music of the legendary composer, improviser and pianist Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaichuk. The Ballet was specially created for the composer’s concert My end is my beginning. Antifonia, which premiered on December 18, 2012 at the Garage center for contemporary culture. The concert broadens Karavaichuk’s vision of civilization development and the clash of cultures between the East and the West.

Pas de deux is a plotless "anti-ballet", based on the feeling of the music. The dancers’ bodies live "contrary to the laws of biology, representing some futuristic polymers, fluid powers and universal elements ...". The dancers on stage are "not obeying the story’s plot, but the free flow of music, following their impulses, as if born on the magnetic field of the Earth " (Boris Barabanov, "Kommersant").

Choreography by O.N. Karavaichuk and Vera Arbuzova. Dancers: Oksana Bondarev (soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, silver and gold medalist of the Moscow International Ballet and Choreography Competition), Vera Arbuzova (Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the "Golden Soffit" and "Spirit of Dance"), Andrew Kasyanenko (soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre) Evgeny Derjabin (Mariinsky Theatre), Ekaterina Krasiuk (Mariinsky Theatre).

Oleg Karavaichuk

Oleg Karavaichuk is a composer and pianist, who composed the music for many films and plays. His music is played in the films and performances of Sergei Paradjanov, Vassily Shukshin, Ilya Averbakh, Kira Muratova, Andrey Maguchy and many other prominent filmmakers and theater directors. Karavaichuk also collaborated with the avant-garde, in particular, with Sergei Kuryokhin. During his concerts and performances, he mainly improvises.