Tesla Boy

Tesla Boy

Dear friends,

On Friday, May 31st a well-known and successful band Tesla Boy will introduce their second album on New Holland island. The band first came on stage in 2008 and soon became a symbol of Russia's new generation. In the few years since its creation the band managed to get featured in the British "Q" magazine, find itself on the ipod playlist of Lady Gaga's sound producer Martin Kierszenbaum, release a record on the infamous Kitsune label, and get Martin Dubka, a producer who previously collaborated with Ali Love, Cazals and Aeroplane, to work on their new album. Their album The Universe Made of Darkness has gone straight to the top of the iTunes download charts. The album features twelve potential hits, two of which were written with such notable musicians as Fritz of the Canadian duo Azari&III and a disco guru from the UK Tyson. If for some reason you have never heard of Tesla Boy before, this is your chance to make up for this oversight - few of Russian bands can boast international success of this scale while producing music of true quality and style.


The concert starts at 8pm.