Leningradets vs. P.P.C.M.

Leningradets vs. P.P.C.M.

This Saturday, on August 10 in New Holland will be held a table tennis tournament, in which will compete the Moscow team Ping Pong Club Moscow and our St. Petersburg team Leningradets. The table tennis tournament is organized in New Holland for the third time.

The tournament will be divided in two parts: women will compete from 16:00 to 18:00, and men from 18:00 to 20:00.

The winning team must win three games, each played for 11 points. Participants are selected by casting of lots.

Team clnt Leningradets

Male composition:

Ivan Kiselev

Has been playing for 7 years, prefers the ‘pen’ grip: an Asian style in which tennis players are holding their bat upwards. He currently trains twice a week and is the leader of New Holland’s rating.

Dmitry Petrov

Self-taught, Dmitry is playing table tennis since first grade. He participated several times to championships in Bashkiria. After a break of about 5 years, Dmitry is back in the game, practicing two days a week. He is the defending champion of FINEK, winner of five tournaments in New Holland, and at the moment occupies the 2nd place ranking of New Holland.

Roman Lyutov

He started playing 10 years ago, and self-trained in a club for over a year and a half. After a long break he is back in the field: since 2012 he has been practising at the club White Lightning under the wing of Mitya Chekurov.

Female composition:

Alexandra Tolstikova

She is playing for 5 years. 3 years in elementary school, 2 at the Institute. Her game style: 7 second of thoughts and one to cut short.

Elena Ivanova

As a child, she played 4 times a week and took the second place of the city. She is now rarely playing because she’s running a lot.

Elisabeth Vlasova

She is playing for 5 years and is a post-graduate student and assistant at the National University for physical education. She is a favourite among the fans of our championship team in St. Petersburg.

Team Ping Pong Club Moscow

Male composition:

Dima Maletski

He is holding a bat since infancy. Multiple winner of the tournament PPCM, he has his own production of leather goods.

Alexei Kashtanov

Legionnaire of the team OBEY. Awardee of the STRELKA TEAM CUP 2012. He is playing ping-pong since childhood and is a martial arts practitioner in his free time.

Nikita Andreev

PPCM team captain, winner of the STRELKA TEAM CUP 2012 with the team Fred Perry, winner of the men's tournament held in Neskuchny Garden. Nikita plays golf and is interested in the beautiful.

Female composition:

Vera Kriulets

Awardee of the STRELKA TEAM CUP 2012 with the team GONG PONG, one of the brightest ping-pong players of the club, known for her emotional game: Vera’s cry can cause damage to your hearing (101.3 decibels). She works in a design studio.

Tatiana Boxer

The winner of the women's tournament LUCKY LADIES CUP, the leader of the team, the pride of the club. She works as a project manager at an advertising agency.

Anna Lazutina

One of the oldest member of the club. She is also famous for her expressive way of playing and her powerful drive. After the game, few adversaries have walked away from the table without a bruise. She is working as a journalist for a fashion magazine.

Sophia Muntyan

A new member of the team PPCM, she has already managed to establish herself. Sofia is a model, and conquered the world's best catwalks. Playing the guitar by the fire, she will make your evening.