Open Dance Air

Open Dance Air

On July 7 will be held in New Holland the Open Dance Air - a Dance Day!

In the context of the project Open Look, on July 7 from 14:00 to 18:00 pm all guests of the island will be offered the possibility to see a few productions and get closer to the art of dance.

A full program is scheduled for the occasion:

From 14:00 to 14:30: open modern dance master class for children (given by children's teachers of the Project Open Look Festival 4 Kids, who are dancers of the company ARENA DANCES (USA)).

From 15:00 to 15:30: presentation of the master class’ results on the outdoor stage.

From 16:00 to 17:00: performances by the participants of the festival Open Look on the outdoor stage. Among the participants are Arena Dances (USA) and Sasha Kukina Dance Theatre (St. Petersburg).


Trifles / Les Petites Choses

Trifles is the work through which permeates the existence of an extravagant and strange character, who never really interacts with the other four dancers, dressed up in fancy theatrical attire. The remaining four dancers are the fruit of the main character's imagination or his heroes memories. And the trifles are these things, smells and touch that suddenly could bring back the feelings associated with those memories.


Duration: 28:30

Choreography: Matthew Yanzhevski

Dancers: Matthew Yanzhevski, Renee Starr, Sarah Steichen, Timmy Wagner

Composer: Catherine

Dresser: Sonia Berlovich

Lighting Director: Pearl Ri

Dance Theatre Sasha Kukina (St. Petersburg)


One of the synonyms of modern dance is freedom. Freedom, in the sense of a more natural, laid-back, easy approach to dance. We are also interested in another aspect of freedom in dance, which is the ratio between chaos and order.

Dancers: Maria Zamiralova, Elena Churilova, Anna Yurko, Alexander Kornienko

Choreography: Sasha Kukina

Music: Steve Reich and groups Plaid and Nine Inch Nails

Costumes: Irina Alexeeva


Run with me

"Run with me is one of my favorite works by ARENA DANCES. The starting point of this work was the creation of a state of hysteria, synonym with the end of a relationship with someone you love and the moment when a person is wondering whether he\she has to get out of it. This moment reflects the relationship’s imbalance, when one "pulls the blanket over himself", and is a time of pain and hurt. When is it time to leave? How long can you stay? And how much you still love that person after all, and will still be a part of his\herself for the rest of his\her life"

Matthew Yanzhevsky, artistic director of ARENA DANCES


Duration: 14 min

Choreography: Matthew Yanzhevski

Dancers: Jacob Melchsher, Renee Starr, Sarah Steichen, Timmy Wagner

Composer: Lhasa

Dresser: Anji Bo

Lighting Director: Jeff Bartlett

From 17:00 to 18:00: presentation of the workshops OPEN LOOK XV by the Russian participants of the festival.

Come, dance is beautiful!